Your April Horoscope, Revealed

Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
Spring is in the air — and in the stars! April is Aries season, as the sun beams through the first sign of the Zodiac until the 19th. Like a fresh coat of paint or a clean breeze, this cosmic cycle is a much-needed revival. Time to leave the disappointments in the rearview and put our energy toward brighter things. Not that we'll be able to leave the past behind completely. Four planets will be retrograde in April, which will force us to do some recon work. Love planet Venus, who's been backspinning since March 4, will be retro until the 15th. This could bring some false starts to our spring fever — and even a spate of exes returning from the past. Messenger Mercury will also pivot into reverse from April 9 to May 3. Don't be surprised to see old friends (and flames) showing up in your comment feeds or even at your front door. If a reunion isn't what you wished and dreamed of, screen, ignore, and block.
Cupid shoots some positive arrows into the mix near the 11th, thanks to the full moon in partnership-oriented Libra. Attractions that have been bubbling since last fall could turn into full-on situations. And yes, there could be happy reunions with "the one that got away." In a relationship? With Venus and Mercury retrograde there's no avoiding deeper conversations about the state of your union. Sweeping issues under the rug could lead to resentment or a drifting apart. Broach those conflicts, but remember that timing is everything. Avoid anything that might feel like a scene or worse "ganging up" by involving others outside the relationship.
A posse of planets visit Taurus throughout the month, which helps us keep our feet on solid ground. With motivator Mars charging through the Bull's pen until the 21st, we'll have lots of elbow grease and focus for tasks that might normally feel annoying. Mercury will be retrograde for half its journey (April 9-20) in Taurus, insisting that we operate from a clear and logical plan. The sun zooms through Taurus for a month on the 19th, awakening our environmental consciousness and calling us out in the spring air to play, plant heirloom seeds, and pump up our al fresco fitness goals. (Biking, hiking, surf camp, maybe?) Taurus also governs sound money management and what we consider valuable. On the 26th, a new moon in Taurus could bring word of job offers or the green light to make a savvy "investment purchase."