Melissa Joan Hart Has A Major Dating Regret

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Does Sabrina the Teenage Witch know a time-travel spell? Actor Melissa Joan Hart, who played the titular sorceress, definitely wishes that she could go back to the show's '90s heyday, because she had a chance to date one of Hollywood's biggest stars, Ryan Reynolds. Talking cats aside, let's just say TGIF and those issues of Teen People you stowed in your locker could have been way different.
People reports that Reynolds and Hart met on the set of the 1996 Sabrina The Teenage Witch made-for-TV movie, which debuted ahead of the sitcom of the same name. We know who Hart played, but Reynolds starred as a dreamboat bad boy named Seth who was all hunky-dory until he tried to hook up with Sabrina in the back of his car after a spring dance. Sabrina and Seth didn't end things on good terms, but according to Hart, things went the other way between her and Reynolds.
"We were smitten and cute. He was adorable. He was a really nice guy," Hart told Australian talk show Studio 10. "He wasn’t like, the Ryan Reynolds everybody knows these days. You can see in the clip the crazy hair. He was sweet — he was very sweet."
Why didn't things pan out? Well, Hart had a boyfriend at the time, so that major roadblock kept things from going further. But, Hart adds that she and Reynolds did share a steamy after-hours make-out session. He even gave her a watch on the last day of filming. And as for that hair? Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Zachery Ty Bryan's Home Improvement center parts weren't the only ones on the airwaves; the look was on just about every guy in the '90s.
The last day of filming wasn't the last time the two met up, however. Hart adds that Reynolds came to visit her in New York (what can you say, the guy's persistent), but Hart was still with that pesky boyfriend. And lest you think that Hart's spilling these nostalgic beans will mar the perfect couple that is Reynolds and Blake Lively, know that the former Sabrina star and the Gossip Girl actress are actually friends in real life. Lively knows all about that kiss and it's a non-issue. In fact, she even asked Hart for some help when picking out a birthday present for Reynolds. Now that's friendship.
You can watch the whole interview (and see Reynold's epic '90s hair) in the video, below.

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