Emma Watson & Dan Stevens With Kid Versions Of Belle & The Beast Are Adorable

I've long wanted to meet myself as a child. First of all, I'd like to tell myself that everything is generally going to be ok. Second point is that college grades don't really matter unless you're planning on going to graduate school. Maybe I'd listen, who knows.
Emma Watson and Dan Stevens had the opportunity to sort of do just that as part of the promotional tour for Beauty & the Beast, when they met child versions of the Beast and Belle.
Things got very adorable, very quickly. The only issue we take is that the childhood Belle doesn't really look like the Watson we knew as a pre-teen superstar. But that's a small issue.
For the record, the stars were more nervous about singing than acting.
This was the most adorable moment.
“That’s very your Belle,” Steven tells Watson he sees child Belle's boots. “It’s a mixture of your beautiful princess dress, but with very cool, practical boots. It’s very on point.”
Point well made. No word yet if the other child was afflicted by a curse liftable only through kidnapping. We'll update if we find out.

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