Will Girls End With A Likable Marnie?

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Marnie has had the most confusing arc out of all the girls in Girls' final season. While Hannah has been evolving into a confident adult (even before she learned of her pregnancy) and Shoshanna is such a grown-up she spends her mornings mocking The New York Times, the wannabe-singer's behavior has been cringe-worthy at best.
Every time it looks like Marnie (Allison Williams) is taking a step forward, she runs 30 steps back. Take the time she realizes her husband Desi (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) was addicted to prescription pills throughout their marriage. As Marnie sobs on the floor during "Hostage Situation," asking how she reached this new low, it looks like a moment of clarity. Then fast-forward to the next episode we see her, "Painful Evacuation."
Marnie complains that her estranged husband’s rock-bottom addiction ruined her life and left bruises all over her body — due to the "two-hour massages" she needs to relax. Still, she sees no sense of absurdity in her first-world problems.
Marnie’s crippling narcissism doesn’t improve from there. She bails on a mourning Ray for a pretentious-sounding exercise class, and tells a stranger to send an Uber for his hospital-bound girlfriend in subsequent episodes.
And yet, we’ve finally — finally! — gotten a hint Marnie won’t be a complete garbage person when Girls ends.
In "The Bounce," Marnie realizes she has no money for her uber-trendy fitness classes, Uber rides, and an apartment — so she asks her mom Evie (Rita Wilson) for a loan. Since Evie wants to start the band The Michaels Sisters (with her daughter) more than anything, she denies Marnie’s request so her daughter is forced to move back home.
Instead of accepting Evie's offer, Marnie attempts to pawn two gifts from her mother and father, respectively. Both pieces of jewelry have bizarrely ornate background stories including Wild Bill Hickok, fake gold-plated platinum, and glass masquerading as diamonds. Marnie tries to blame every single other person around her for the shambles her life is in, but finally doesn’t get away with it.
"You’re doing a lot of blaming. Your mother. Your father. Your husband. But nobody ever walks in here to sell things off their body who has done nothing wrong," the pawn shop owner tells an incredulous Marnie. "You know who comes into pawn shops? Junkies, thieves… The liar, is you."
Somebody give this guy a medal.
When Marnie says she "gets it," it’s the first time in six years it sounds like she actually means it. Hannah’s sometimes-BFF puts her (lack of) money where her mouth is and proves she’s been hit by the reality stick when she calls Desi to say she’s “assuming responsibility” for her life and won’t be needing rent money from him. "You don’t owe me anything and I’m really sorry that I thought you did," she sighs while preparing to move in with her mom.
Although a drug-addicted husband, imminent homelessness, and constant eye rolls from friends were not causes for a wake up call to Marnie, it looks like living in New Jersey might be. If immediate access to the Cake Boss and endless outlet malls is what's necessary for Marnie to get her act together — and no, not the Michaels Sisters — we're ready for it.

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