Lady Gaga Dances To "Supermodel," Slays RuPaul's Drag Race

Photo: Courtesy of VH1
Lady Gaga played a strange trick when she appeared on RuPaul's Drag Race. She entered the set silently, leading the assembled queens to assume that she was a Lady Gaga impersonator. That's a reasonable assumption. She also did the to-camera interview in costume as "Ronnie," a Gaga impersonator. But she wasn't doing it to the queens, she was tricking us. But we already knew that she was Lady Gaga. So who was supposed to be being tricked?
"What I'm really excited about is [seeing] how long it takes for these queens to figure out that it's really me," she says in her attempt to trick us.
It's a pretty good practical joke.
She dispensed some valuable advice to the queens. Depend on your talent, she says. Smart.
Maybe the highlight of the whole episode was when she joined Ru to dance to "Supermodel (You Better Work)."
Pretty good celebrity appearance. She may well be the perfect woman celebrity to appear on Drag Race. In fact, it's shocking she hasn't done so before.

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