7 Things Muslim Women Are Tired Of Hearing

Photographed by Natalia Mantini.
It goes without saying that the world is full of badass Muslim women. Sadly, stereotypes and gross misconceptions about Muslim women and their faith persist.
That's why, on the very first Muslim Women's Day, we're highlighting the experiences that Muslim women have had with people who are misinformed about their faith. Between our own readers' responses and those we found on Reddit, one thing's clear: Some misguided and/or offensive questions are way too common.
It should go without saying that there are some circumstances under which Muslim women are allowed to take off the hijab. And it shouldn't be on Muslim women to explain the entirety of their religion's views on gender. All this might sound obvious, but these are the topics that Muslim women have had to deal with.
Ahead, seven Muslim women tell you in their own words what they're tired of hearing. We encourage you to share your own stories in the comments.

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