This Today Show Star Came Up With A Genius Breast-Feeding Improvisation

It's hard enough being a working, breast-feeding mom, but if you're a breast-feeding mom who forgets part of her breast pump, things can easily go awry.
Today Show star and NBC meteorologist Dylan Dreyer recently went through this debacle when she forgot to bring bottles to pump breast milk into while at work. But Dreyer, being quick on her feet, readily improvised a solution with what she had: Paper cups.
"When you forget bottles to pump into, you improvise," she wrote in the caption of a photo she shared on Instagram. "Hey...I'm proud of myself for making it to Friday before this happened! #workingmom#cantgetitrightallthetime"
As Dreyer wrote, balancing a career and a family isn't easy for anyone, and you can't get it right every time. But you can sometimes come up with genius solutions for the times when things don't exactly go your way.
From coming up with breast pump solutions to MacGyver-ing ways to get some alone time, moms these days are killing it. Kudos to Dreyer for picking up her routine without a second thought.

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