You Gotta See Jeremy Renner's Superfan App

Photo: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic.
Jeremy Renner knows how to play a tough guy on screen. In the Oscar-winning film The Hurt Locker, he wowed audiences with his intense and curt portrayal of a talented and reckless veteran soldier and team leader of a dangerous bomb unit in Iraq. In the Oscar-nominated film Arrival, he played the smart and patient physics professor, communicating with aliens. He also famously plays Hawkeye in the Avengers franchise.
But all of that doesn't matter anymore because just came out with the most pointless app and it's amazing.
He Instagrams. He tweets. Now he has released an app simply titled: Jeremy Renner. And it is wild. It is the ultimate "dad app" in that it is trying so hard to be hip, cool, and relevant. But it's not. It is, quite literally, pointless and super confusing to use. According to the description on the app store, the app is meant for "superfans" of the actor, which I'm sure exist, but don't really seem like the celebrity app-type. It's also listed as containing content only suitable for "17+" crowd, although no parental warnings popped up when I downloaded it.
The app first came to my attention while reading a column on MTV, where Rachel Handler perfectly describes the app as "if Kim Kardashian's app exploded and somebody sold it for parts." Yeah, it's that... sparse. You know what? Let's just look at the damn thing.
Here we have the details, reviews, and loading page of the app (in order). As far as I can tell, that "17+" rating is just a warning because those smoldering glances are hot hot hot! JK, the content is all clean. And that's also because there isn't much of it. There are only a few function of the app: you can listen to Renner sing 42 seconds of "House of the Rising Sun", you can see him in a clip from an appearance on a talk show, and you can pay money to buy "stars" to show him how much you love him. The app, and thus Renner himself as he is the app, promises that exclusive content will also be uploaded here just for this special fans.
I'll keep you updated if this happens. Until then, I guess I'm just listening to this song clip. On a loop. For forever.

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