Is Sharna Burgess Dating Her Dancing With The Stars Partner Bonner Bolton?

Photo: Craig Sjodin/ABC
Chemistry is a hard thing to fake — which is probably why so many co-stars ending up dating their onscreen significant others in real life. It's also why so many rumors fly about the cast of Dancing With the Stars. If a pair of dancers can get a perfect score on a steamy tango, well, why wouldn't fans assume that they're getting hot and heavy behind closed doors? This season, the Dancing With the Stars pair that is making people raise an eyebrow is dancer Sharna Burgess and bullrider Bonner Bolton.
Of course, those rumors maaaay have a little something to do with the very awkward "public reach" that the Dancing With the Stars cameras recorded. In a clip, Bolton seemingly grabs (without looking) for Burgess' nether regions, and she quickly pushes his hand away. Burgess was quick to tweet that the incident was totally unintentional and "straight up innocent," but the move did make some fans think that these partners were a little more comfortable than they initially let on. So, are they dating in real life? According to Burgess, the answer is... nah. Burgess told ET Online that she's just friends with her DWTS partner.
"We're not together," the dancer confirmed to ET Online. "We obviously have great chemistry, we love working together and Bonner is an incredibly good-looking guy. I want to keep supporting him and working hard every week in the competition!"
The feelings are mutual. Bolton previously stated in an interview with People that Burgess was pretty, well, pretty.
“Obviously, everyone is telling me how great of a partner I have, but I think it’s pretty easy to see — she’s not hard on the eyes!”
Not for nothing, but if Burgess and Bolton want to make sure that the world doesn't assume they're an item, they may want to stop talking about how hot they think the other is. (Oh, and keep their hands to themselves when they're off the dance floor.)

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