Mandy Moore Just Had The Best Beauty Fail — & We Can All Relate

Mandy Moore may be one of the stars of this year’s biggest breakout show, but she’s also surprisingly relatable. No, we don’t mean in the prefers-to-eat-pizza-and-watch-Netflix J.Law kind of way (although, we totally bet she does). We mean Moore is a beauty lover just like the rest of us.
In between her busy press tour for Tangled’s animated series reboot and the finale of This Is Us, Moore is keeping up with an admirable skin-care regimen. Makes sense, as her schedule means a lot of traveling — which is never easy on skin. Whenever our complexions feel dull, dehydrated, or are edging on the side of a major breakout, we turn to a rejuvenating mask to nip whatever skin woe we're facing in the bud. But we’re not alone — Mandy Moore does the same exact thing. And just like us, it doesn't always go to plan.
Photo: Via @mandymooremm/Instagram.
The 32-year-old posted a photo to Instagram last night of her donning (what we assume to be) a mud mask. And if you thought that was good, the caption was even better, “I just locked myself out of my hotel room in my socks and this face yah, how’s your night going?” with the cry-laughing face emoji.
It’s safe to say we’ve all been in similar — if not identical — situations. Once, I went to the supermarket down the street in a hydrating Philosophy mask that looked like my face was covered in cream cheese (needless to say I thought the formula would absorb into my skin — it didn't). Regardless, there’s no better way to enjoy your beauty regimen than with zero regrets. And it seems as though Moore feels the same way.
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