You Have To Watch This Injured Harry Potter Star Reunite With His Dog

Photo: James Lemke Jr/WireImage/Getty Images.
Jim Tavaré, who played Tom the Innkeeper in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, was in a car accident earlier this month. It left him seriously injured, with a broken neck, 15 broken ribs, and several breaks on his leg. A photo shared by his wife from the hospital shows him hooked up to machines with cuts on his head. He had to get two blood transfusions and surgery.
Thankfully, the treatment was successful, People reports. As of Tuesday, Tavaré's back in action and, most importantly, playing with his furry friend Mr. Kippy.
"Today Jim was able to get into a wheelchair for the first time and was taken outside the hospital to be reunited with his dog 'Mr. Kippy', who was with him at the time of the accident," a post on his Facebook page reads. "Music at the end of the clip was performed and dedicated to Jim by dear friend and talented composer Bernard Salles with the Orchestre Symphonique du Sud-Ouest."
The post shared a video of a staff member wheeling Tavaré over to his two-year-old dog. "My dog is my best friend," he tells her. The music is perfect for the sentimental moment, starting just as Kippy enters his human's sight and picking up as he jumps into his lap, licks his face, and gets pets from his cast-covered arm.
This whole video is a testament to the magnitude of a canine companion's love.
Last week, Tavaré dictated a message to his fans via his wife: "Sorry my hands can’t type, but thanks guys for all the well wishes. You are all so kind. I’m looking forward to getting out of here, but not looking forward to the medical bills."
Toward that end, producer James L. Perry is hoping to raise $40,000 to help cover some of Tavaré's expenses. You can contribute to the effort on GoFundMe so that the family's got more money left to spend on Mr. Kippy.

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