This Roommate's Passive Aggressive Art Gallery Is An Inspiration

Let's talk about bad roommates. When I first entered my first apartment in New York, I found it full of empty Blue Moon bottles, dirty dishes, and papers on just about every surface. The toaster over smelled like vegan cheese. Things only got worse once my roommate actually arrived. He was an extreme recluse, and wouldn't leave his room except to go out, steal dishes, and squirrel them away in his room. I developed a strategy: I would strategically leave one or two dishes and bowls dirty and in the sink. I judoed his inability to do literally anything into being able to actually, you know, use utensils in my house. That meant I had to do a dish every time I had to use a dish, but these are small sacrifices.
Comedian Justin Cousson ran into just such a problem with his current roommate. The pieces are many and pretty high priced, but we think they're worth it. Our personal favorite is the $3,400 “sour cream covered spoon, left in sink before leaving town for four days." Or maybe it's the $6,000 “boxes left on couch because what even IS breaking them down and recycling or even leaving them not on the couch.”
He's only posted seven of the 30 . This shoe, apparently, merited its own tweet.
This milk, left in the fridge, actually appreciated over time.
In a single day, it appreciated $200. This is a legit investment. You should buy it.
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