William Shatner Is Making A Heroic Effort To Get Nick Viall Voted Off DWTS

Photo: Tasia Wells/Getty Images.
William Shatner may have over eight decades on Earth and an illustrious career in Hollywood under his belt, but that doesn't mean the film legend is above A) Getting combative on Twitter, B) Holding intensely negative opinions on repeat Bachelorette contestants, and C) Taking a competitive dancing show extremely seriously.
The 86-year-old tweeted up a furious storm this week in a valiant effort to get Nick Viall voted off of Dancing with the Stars. The Star Trek actor kicked off his campaign to can the ex-Bachelor on Monday night: "My goal for #DWTS is to knock Bachelor Nick out ASAP. Who is with me?" He continued, urging viewers to vote for "Whoever your favorite is - just not Nick- make the 10 phone calls for them."
At this point, Shatner seemed to have realized that Viall has a lot of fans out there. He posed the problem to his followers: "How do we get #BachelorNation to not vote for Nick?" Someone tweeted a reply, joking that if Viall — who appeared on the Bachelor franchise a grand total of four times — got voted off, he'd just come back: "I think @viallnicholas28 should win so he doesn't have to return 3 more times." Shatner did not see the humor in this. "No! He needs to go next week," he shot back. This is not a joke!
By the way, in between his Nick put-downs, Shatner was ending out sweet messages supporting other contestants on DWTS and urging people to vote for them, including champion gymnasts Simone Biles and Sasha Farber, as well as Spanish-American actress-comedian Charo. ("If you are on the East Coast here is Charo's number to call from every phone it's toll free.") He also took the time to assure his followers that voting for literally anybody besides Viall was okay by him: "I voted for @ChrisKattan," one viewer tweeted, to which Shatner replied, "That's perfectly fine." This guy.
At this point, the octogenarian wised up and launched a hashtag to take Viall down: "#Dontvote4Nick #DWTS." He also gave the metaphorical middle finger to anyone who dared to stick up for the former Bachelor. "I think @viallnicholas28 is kind of sensitive.. You may break his heart," one sympathizer wrote. "And your point?" Shatner replied. He just gets more brutal by the minute. Case in point — this sick burn when someone asked what Viall ever did to offend him: "He lives up to the homonym of his last name."
Shatner continued to diss Viall in a series of 140-character missiles (totaling in at 19 individual tweets): "Watch Andi's Bachelorette Season where he started this Viall journey"; "Leopards don't change their spots. Don't be surprised if he shows up again on paradise. I won't be"; and calling Viall's supporters "obsessed fans who think they are defending the besmirched reputation of their idol." I implore you to scroll down (and down, and down) to get the full effect of the entire rant and possibly, pee your pants laughing.
Of course, Viall and his partner, Peta Murgatroyd, took notice of the campaign against them. They both tweeted sad faces at Shatner. He replied to Murgatroyd, "you know I love you. Congratulations on becoming a mommy. Just can't cheer you on this season. Love to Maks & Shia." Oh, and no reply for Mr. Viall. Shatner's fingers must be tired by now.
Anyways... we know whose Twitter feed we'll have our eye on next Monday night. Thanks for the laughs, Bill.

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