Fans Are Petitioning Bravo To Kick Lisa Rinna Off Of RHOBH

Photo: Richie Knapp/Bravo.
Tuesday night's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills may go down as one of the series' craziest ever. The drama was dialed all the way up during the ladies' trip to Hong Kong (ostensibly taken so they could support Lisa Vanderpump's activism against Yulin, China's barbaric dog meat festival). And things reached a boiling point during the gang's fiery dinner, set against the stunning nighttime skyline of Hong Kong. It would take a lot of space to rehash all the insanity here. (And honestly, the episode is 100% worth an hour of your time if you even mildly appreciate reality TV spectacles.)
But here's the gist: Dorit Kemsley and Erika Girardi were fighting about the #pantygate incident that took place earlier in the season, which Girardi never got over. Then Girardi had a teary meltdown at the table after Eileen Davidson unintentionally upset her with a offhanded comment about her son, a police officer, being killed.
All the while, Lisa Rinna was repeatedly chiming in to a conversation that had nothing to do with her — stirring the pot, offering her unsolicited, unhelpful counseling to the women ("Listen with your heart"), and making laughably hypocritical remarks. "You can't play the 'don't remember game,'" she told Kemsley — this coming from a woman with a well-documented history of saying and doing memorable things to the other women and then promptly "forgetting" them.
Basically, things couldn't get any worse... unless, for some reason, somebody decided at that very moment to hurl a baseless drug-use accusation across the table, which is exactly what Rinna did in the last few seconds of the episode. "I'd like to change the subject...I have a question," Rinna said. Then she asked Kemsley if she, her husband P.K., and their friends left the table at a dinner party Kemsley threw recently to — get this — go do cocaine in the bathroom. Allegedly, Kemsley had said something about "touching up," which sounds like, I don't know, powdering her nose or reapplying lipstick. But Rinna demanded to know if the woman was snorting coke, in her home, during a dinner party, with two young kids sleeping upstairs.
What the fuck?
That's the question pretty much everybody who was watching the madness unfold had. People took to Twitter to slam Rinna for what they feel is inappropriate and attention-grabbing behavior. And while the colorful criticisms are many, RHOBH fans have one very specific request for Bravo: please, do not bring Rinna back next season.
"Lisa Rinna is the freaking worst. Plz on all that is good in this world get rid of her as a cast member," wrote one exasperated viewer. "PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I'm begging you at this point, do not recast Lisa rinna on #rhobh watching her is actual torture," tweeted another. "Omg @lisarinna is so desperate on #rhobh she's an embarassment on every episode. @Andy please make her go away she's making the show a joke," posted another fed-up fan.
There are more, too: "I might give up this show if she stays on...she is intolerable to watch now"; "Lisa Rinna is so #desperate to be part of each storyline bc she is afraid the will get fired from another TV show #rhobh #badcasting"; "Here's hoping @Bravotv drops Lisa Rinna from #rhobh I thought she was bad last season"; "PLEEEEEASE do not re-sign freaking Rinna next season; "I can't take another season of Lisa Rinna."
It will be interesting to see if, and how, Bravo responds to the audience outrage. Because the reality is that Rinna brings the drama, and drama equals massive ratings. Unless, of course, people find the instigator so insufferable and irrational that they can't stand to watch her antics any longer. Your move, Andy Cohen.

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