Rihanna Got Drunk While Watching Her Bates Motel Sex Scene

Photo: Cate Cameron.
Rihanna's budding acting career is already off to a dangerously strong start. The singer, designer, and now actress, appeared on Bates Motel last night and although viewers loved her performance, Rihanna herself could barely make it through it.
The 29-year-old livestreamed the episode from her friend's couch, where she shared her real life reactions to the entire episode — sex scene and all. And it was hilarious. Over 50,000 of her Instagram followers tuned in for the super meta experience of watching Rihanna watch herself on television. To make it through the entire 45-minute show, Rihanna and her friends created a custom drinking game inspired by her character's plot line.
For those unacquainted with Bates Motel or the infamous fictional serial killer, Norman Bates, it's based off of, here's a brief synopsis: Norman Bates is a young disturbed boy living with her mother, Norma Bates. She runs a motel (Bates Motel) and throughout the five seasons of the A&E series (this fifth one is its last) we've seen Norman go from quirky to deadly.
Rihanna is playing Marion Crane, a notary who is also embezzling money from her gross male coworkers whoogle her. She will also, presumably, be one of Norman's final victims. Marion is a character previously made famous from the 1960 Alfred Hitchcock classic Psycho, which the series was inspired by and is linked to. (There are easter egg references throughout it, which you can read more about here.) In the film, Marion is killed while taking a shower to the tune of the most recognizable movie deaths ever (you know the one). But her impending 2017 onscreen death isn't what is making Rihanna cover her eyes — it's her romp around the bedroom.
In the episode, Rihanna as Marion is dating a man named Sam Loomis (okay, she's his mistress). Because her character, and others, say his name frequently, during the Livestream Rihanna established a game: "Drink when you hear Sam!" In the video below, which a dedicated fan uploaded to YouTube, you can see Rihanna knocking back a few tequila shots every time "Sam!" blares from the TV. She giggles and shouts "Weird! Weird!" and it's adorable and awesome.
There's more to expect from Rihanna during the show's next episode. (While running away with a suitcase full of money she ends up in the motel for a bit... what could go wrong?) What we really need are more candid videos from the entertainer. She just seems so fun to hang out with. And to take tequila shots with. I only wish she was taking them out of her sparkly flask.

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