We Definitely Want This Egg In Our Easter Basket

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There are few things I love in this world quite as much as chocolate. Around Easter time, my chocolate fix comes in the form of either bunnies or eggs — and somehow, it tastes even better than when it's in a basic candy bar. Sure, it's totally psychological, but what if this theory could be true for all of life's best eats? Could formulating your favorite comfort food into a cutesy egg packaging actually make it even more appealing? While I haven't put any other food to the taste test just yet, I'm definitely excited by the prospect of applying this theory. And thanks to food blogger Annem Hobson, I now can.
Hobson's latest creation? An Easter egg made entirely out of cheese.
Behold: the Cheester Egg. This new culinary creation — which, according to Mashable, was created in collaboration with independent artisan cheese company Wildes Cheese from a "specially devised, unique recipe" — is the perfect gift for those who always wanted their dairy in a more festive package. Here, the Cheester egg is based on Wildes Cheese's Napier cheese. It sounds pretty damn delicious: As reported by Mashable, your Cheester egg consists of a "crumbly, hard cheese" that boasts a "creamy texture and slightly sharp flavor." I tend not to discriminate in the cheese department, but...sign me up please.
If you're already planning on ordering dozens of Cheester eggs to get you through the next few months, I do have some disappointing news for those living stateside: Currently, Cheester eggs are only available for U.K. residents. (Womp!) If you do happen to find yourself across the pond, however, Cheester Eggs are available at Broadway Market, Alexandra Palace Market or Myddelton Road Market in London. The price is around 15 euros, which translates to roughly $16.
U.K. residents can also order the Cheester egg online over at blog Hobson's blog So Wrong It's Nom, but be warned: supplies will sell out quickly. Otherwise, you may have to carve your own egg out of a hunk of cheddar...and where's the fun in that?

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