Kim Kardashian Shared A Loving Message From The French Paparazzi

On Sunday night, E! aired the Paris robbery episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. It explored the October 2016 incident when men dressed as cops bound, gagged, and held Kim Kardashian at gunpoint while they stole $10 million worth of jewelry. This episode is one of the first times the star is going public about the details of what happened as well as the aftermath, including how the people in her life responded to the news. Turns out, her fans weren't the only ones sending her well wishes.
Last night, the mother of two shared a photo on Twitter that People reports was sent to her shortly after the robbery.
The photo is a group shot of the French paparazzi, who developed an appreciation for Kim while photographing her and Kanye over the past five years. "To Kim & the Kardashians," the note reads. "'We don’t love you because we need you — we need you because we love you,' All the very best, your favorite French paps."
"Frankly, we love her," a photographer told People. "She’s always been very giving to photographers, one of the nicest celebrities there is to work with. It’s always been a great pleasure for us when she’s in town."
The 36-year-old hadn't shared the photo, which features 23 photographers — some of whom aren't normally photographed to remain anonymous — until now.
"Kim left Paris on the Monday, Oct. 3, and we all felt badly for her,” the photographer continued. "The photo was taken on Thursday evening. We thought we should do something collectively to let her know we support her. It was just something we felt we wanted to do — something that we had to do."
The photographers hope that Kim sharing the picture on social media means she's healing, and that one day soon she'll feel comfortable returning to Paris.
"We did it to tell Kim how sorry we were," the photographer said. "She didn’t deserve this incredibly sad event in her life."

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