Mandy Moore Says That Fight On The This Is Us Finale "Really Touched Bone"

The first season finale of This is Us left more than a little disappointment among the show's rabid viewers. We didn't get to see how Jack died, but we did get treated to a nice little blowup between him and Rebecca. Our Sesali Bowen disliked the episode quite a bit. Mandy Moore counselled patience. Moore herself doesn't seem to be among those that found the finale fight a bit underwhelming.
Speaking at Paley Fest in Los Angeles, she tells ET that the fight may have felt a little bit personal for her taste.
"Unfortunately I related a little too closely to that last fight," Moore said. "It really touched bone for me."
The natural conclusion is that Moore is referring to the dissolution of her marriage to country singer Ryan Adams. The couple began divorcing in 2015 after six years of marriage, with the final proceedings wrapping up June 2016.
Moore does credit her scene partner, Milo Ventimiglia, with his work as Jack.
"It is fun to investigate the ebb and flow of this relationship with someone as unbelievable and capable and lovely as [him]," Moore told ET.
The fight was, of course, hard to watch. It may have qualified as more intense for some that others, but the passion that the fact of the fight engendered is evidence enough as to how much the show works with people on a gut level. We'll see if the show can stan up to its considerable promise for its upcoming seasons.
Watch Moore's interview below.

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