Alyssa Milano Sinks Her Claws Into Beauty Queen Drama Insatiable

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It's been nearly 20 years since Alyssa Milano first enchanted us on Charmed and now she's back with another hour-long drama that she hopes will cast a spell on TV fans.
Entertainment Weekly reported that Milano is heading to the CW with a new show called Insatiable, which focuses on an ex-lawyer turned beauty pageant coach.
Based on real-life Southern lawyer and pageant coach Bill Alverson, the pilot takes a closer look at Bob (The Walking Dead's Dallas Roberts) a “disgraced, dissatisfied civil lawyer” who becomes a beauty pageant coach.
Milano will play his wife, Coralee, who is reportedly a bit of a social climber. Sounds like a role that Milano can have a little fun with and it seems she will since it's all set to be a recurring one.
This is Milano's first series since leaving Mistresses in 2014 but as that sexy series taught us the actress we first met as a kid playing Samantha Micelli on Who's The Boss? has a lot of range. She can be funny one minute and totally the nail the dramatic the next, which is why you should be prepared to see Milano slay it on this new series.
Also, be prepared for her to be playing a fierce female character. As Milano told Paste last year, "Television has always created great, strong female characters even when the film world didn't and doesn't — because it's still that way. If you look at these factors, years, and years, and years ago, even when you look at shows like Cagney and Lacey — those were two really strong women. Even Who's The Boss? Look at Angela. She was a divorced, single mom that ran her own business, who hired a dude to take care of the kids and house."
Basically, don't expect Milano's Coralee to stand back and let her husband have all the fun. Especially since that is so not what Milano, who has taken on President Donald Trump and those who think she can't breastfeed in public, would do in real life.
The CW won't be the only play you'll see Milano in 2017. Deadline reported that she will appear in Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later when it premieres later this year.

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