Alyssa Milano Defends Public Breast-feeding To Opinionated TV Host

Alyssa Milano has loved breast-feeding her children, and she is anything but shy about it. Earlier this week, Milano appeared as a guest on The Wendy Williams Show when the host landed on the topic. The interview started amicably, with the typical "what are you wearing?" and "I love your hair!" chatter, before Williams pulled up a recent Instagram picture of Milano's. "I've been posting pictures of my breast-feeding journey since Elizabella was a little baby, and in some of them, you see more than in that one," Milano joked, referencing the picture below.
"It was kind of shocking that we were that sort of opinionated about something that is supposed to be so incredibly natural," she added. To which Williams confessed, "I am opinionated." A shocked Milano asked Williams what about it, exactly, upsets her. "I don't need to see that," Williams told her. "That" being a public display of a child feeding from its mother's breast. Williams explained that she, as mother herself, would rather go in the car to breast-feed her son than do it in public — later admitting that she only breast-fed her son for two weeks. Williams also said she considered breasts as sexual "things" for the duration of a woman's life, while they're only functional as breast-feeding tools right after a woman gives birth. "Biologically, they are not made for sexual things," Milano refuted. "That is what we [as society] have done to them." In the end, Milano had the last word. "You're lucky the baby isn't here right now, or I'd whip 'em out and feed her on your show!" The conversation on the touchy topic fizzled, and the clip ends in laughter as the two go on to talk about other moms making news, and future projects for the actress. Ultimately, Williams admitted it was "her problem" and didn't take the argument further than that. But, if she ever wanted to, she could check out these photographer's pictures to see public breast-feeding in a new light. Watch the full interview, below.

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