In Honor Of St. Patrick's Day, Here's Jamie Dornan With 41 Ways To Say You're Drunk

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Jamie Dornan, ex-underwear model, current 50 Shades of Grey brooder, and pommel horse enthusiast, is a proud Irishman. He was actually born in Northern Ireland, so we're guessing he knows a thing or two about Irish culture. So, it makes sense that late-night host Jimmy Kimmel would enlist the actor to help him St. Patrick's Day. But Dornan wasn't sharing any bon mots about Irish history or showing off his Riverdance skills, instead the actor shared 41 different ways to describe a certain state that many of us will reach tonight (and this weekend). Drunk? Hammered? Dornan shares more than just a few new ways to say that you've had a little too much ale.
Kimmel introduced Dornan as a real-life Irishman and in what looks like a real-life pub, and the erstwhile Christian Grey held up a pint and shared more euphemisms than you can handle. He started off the list with a few familiar terms, whether you're on this side of the Atlantic or the Irish side. "Hammered," "intoxicated," and "inebriated" seem pretty straightforward, but from there, things get a little more...colorful.
"Rat-arsed"? "Bladdered"? Okay, sure. We'll take your word on those, Dornan. The next few seem to get a little localized: "Out of your tree" and "away with the fairies," in particular, seem specific to the Emerald Isle.
And then, Dornan seems to go completely off the rails, reciting some that we're almost certain he made up on the spot. "Curly fried"? "Steam-pigged"? The fact that he can hardly keep a straight face during these are giving us reason to believe these ad-libs aren't authentic. And one for the Potterheads: "Huffle-puffed." That must be newer than, say, the classic "three sheets to the wind" and sure to be new classic"droopy-peckered." Throughout all 41, Dornan seems to be in good spirits, so whether or not these are the real deal, we could watch his bearded mug say just about anything and be totally charmed. It's the accent, right?
Check out the clip, below.

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