This Before-&-After Makes A Great Point About Pregnant Bodies

Even fitness bloggers need a few moments on the couch with some chocolate โ€” especially if they're pregnant. That's the lesson from Anna Strode, a fitness blogger, who posted a unique before-and-after photo on Instagram.
The first photo shows her in workout clothes and a classic bathroom selfie pose, showing off her fit pregnant body. In the second, she's lounging on the couch with what looks like a chocolate-covered ice cream bar.
"I'm all about BALANCE! Sure, you might look at my page and see images like the left and think this mama works out all the time and she must eat healthy all the time," she wrote in the post. "Well I'm here to tell you NO ๐Ÿ™…that's not how things go and I don't believe anyone should live without a little bit of life's indulgences!"
"The image on the right (that Rhett so glamorously snapped ๐Ÿ˜‚) represents me a few nights a week and I think it's just as important to share as the one on the left," she continued. "I'm a REAL mama, with REAL pregnancy cravings and REAL battles of accepting how my body changes throughout life's journeys. We've only got ONE life - I encourage you to find a HAPPY, HEALTHY, SUSTAINABLE BALANCE."
It's so refreshing and important to see images like this, especially for Strode's followers, who often see her posting photos and videos of her pregnancy workouts (plus images of her adorable twins.)
There is no perfect way to have a pregnancy. Some moms work out throughout their whole pregnancy, and some don't. Some have wacky cravings, and some don't. All of those things are okay.
Strobe's post reminds women not to take their pregnancy too seriously, and we're so here for that. Sometimes, you just need to chill on the couch with some chocolate.

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