Monopoly Just Announced A MAJOR Change

Photo: Wayne Parry/AP Photo.
If you're the one who fights with your friends and family over which Monopoly piece you get to use, you might want to sit down. Today, Hasbro, the makers of everyone's favorite real-estate board game, announced that several of the pieces you've come to know and love will be going the way of the dodo. Say goodbye to the boot, thimble, and wheelbarrow, because they're heading to the great Monopoly board in the sky. The Associated Press reports that in their place, you'll find three new additions: a rubber ducky, penguin, and Tyrannosaurus rex.
"While I'm sad to see the iconic thimble, boot, and wheelbarrow tokens go, it will be fun to have some new, fan-sourced tokens in the mix," Jonathan Berkowitz, Hasbro's senior vice president of marketing, told the AP. "Personally, I've always especially liked the boot token, but I'm excited to move onto the T. rex."
Fans from all around the globe crowdsourced ideas for the replacement tokens. According to the AP, "more than 4.3 million voters from 146 countries" cast their votes for 64 different options. One that didn't make the cut? Digitally inspired options, like a winking emoji and a hashtag, a 1980s-style cell phone à la Zack Morris, and bunny slippers. If you're not feeling the new options, you have plenty of time to stock up on the old standbys. Hasbro says that the new tokens won't hit store shelves until this fall.
Naturally, because we're all averse to change and want every part of our childhoods to stay intact, Twitter users were not feeling the new additions.
Some took issue with the T. rex. Maybe Jurassic Park nightmares plagued their childhoods?
And on the flip-side, others are welcoming the dino with open arms, albeit very short ones.
Other fans had their own ideas. Who hasn't replaced a missing piece with a trinket or two?

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