Now Your Nails Can Get In On The Wellness Craze, Too

Drinking pressed juices is like a wearing a face mask: Whenever you buy or make one, it makes you feel so damn trendy that you just want to share it with the world. Artfully-styled Instagram posts? Your feed's full of them. Sermons preaching the benefits over brunch? Your friends have gotten an earful. And don’t get us wrong: There’s nothing bad about sprinkling some wellness into your everyday routine. But one beauty brand is offering a fresh (and yes, slightly less annoying) take on the healthy eating trend — because most of us can't bear to give up our 10 am chocolate chip muffin.
Nail brand NCLA just launched its Pressed Collection, comprised of six bright polishes inspired by the health craze that has swept its home base. "[The owners] were having our Monday meeting over juice because that's what people in L.A. do — they meet, over juice," says co-founder Elin Dannerstedt. "We ordered the sample tray because it's healthy and cute, not to mention perfect for a fire Instagram. Almost immediately upon its arrival we knew our spring lacquer inspiration had just been hand delivered to our table."
They then created shades that look just like the fancy, overpriced smoothies — and the names pay homage, as well. Think Fairykale Ending (a dark lettuce green), Banana Almond Blonde (a creamy yellow), and 24 Carrots (a bright orange and, perhaps, potential ode to Bruno Mars' "24 Karat Magic"). What makes the line cooler, though, is that it's actually good for your nails: The lacquers have been formulated without seven controversial chemicals, making them just what the doctor ordered when you need to take a break from your gels.
Check out each of the energetic colors, ahead.

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