Joe Jonas' Friends Hate His Sexy Guess Billboards, So More For Us

Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/VF17/WireImage/Getty Images.
While many, many Jonas Brothers fans and DNCE acolytes don't mind seeing Joe Jonas' greased-up torso on their daily commutes, the singer and model himself thinks that it's pretty funny to subject his friends to his shiny semi-nudity. Have you seen your pals in their underwear? Sure. Was it on the side of a skyscraper? We didn't think so.
In a new interview with People, Jonas says that he's extremely proud of the images for his Guess underwear campaign, but adds that part of the fun is having his friends see the pictures every day.
"My friends who don’t want to see, my buddy who's a real estate agent in L.A., his office is right near [the billboard], and he drives by on La Cienega every day," Jonas explained to People. "He's like, 'Screw you!' He's sending me pictures, like, 'I hate this. Why do I have to look at this?' I love it. It's torture for him."
Jonas adds that the first time he saw the larger-than-life images himself was during a trip to London. He told the magazine that he even stood by the pictures, but if any of the passersby noticed the resemblance, they didn't say anything outright.
And what does his little bro, Nick, think? The younger Jonas brother has made a few provocative moves of his own, after all. Not only does he play a pretty racy (and shirtless...and sweaty) role on Kingdom, Nick stripped down to his underpants for a Flaunt magazine spread. It's no surprise that the brothers supported each others' scantily clad endeavors. After all, bros before briefs.
"He was really thrilled for me, and he was actually at dinner when I got the phone call to possibly do it, and we were talking at dinner [about] if it was something I wanted to do," Jonas added. "And Nick was like, 'Dude, you've got to do it. This will be really good for you.' So I was glad."
We'll see you (and Joe) on La Cienega.

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