10 St. Patrick's Day Meals That Don't Involve Green Food Coloring

Photo: Courtesy of Cooking & Beer.
St. Patrick's Day is a religious holiday that takes place each year on March 17th; A time when the Irish people come together to honor the day of the Saint Patrick's death. But, somehow along the way (and especially in America), that has been translated to a day of guzzling green beer, along with other artificially colored goods in the shape of shamrocks, all the while trudging around town in beaded necklaces and leprechaun-inspired hats (sigh). And this Friday marks that very day. So if you, like us, aren't into the whole green shots bit, we have another suggestion for celebrating! (And if you are, then by all means carry on.)
Since St. Patty's Day is the Feast Of Saint Patrick, what we really want to be doing is chowing down. Not on green Rice Krispie treats or food-dyed deviled eggs, but on classic Irish recipes (with a few twists). Because there are some damn good eats to be had — no food coloring required. From corned beef, cabbage, soda bread, dark beer brownies, and more, we've rounded up ten recipes to keep you fed this Friday. So if you do feel like crawling to your nearest pub[s], you can do so properly fueled.

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