Rihanna Is Our Go-To Woman For Fierce Inspiration

Have we mentioned lately how much we love Rihanna? The "Work" singer is a woman of many accomplishments, her most recent being Harvard's Humanitarian Of The Year award. "So I made it to Harvard," she quipped at the beginning of her speech. "Never thought I'd be able to say it that in my life, but it feels good. I'm incredibly humbled by this."
She went on to give a touching speech about what it means to be a humanitarian
"You don't have to be famous. You don't have to be college-educated," she explained. "It starts with your neighbor. You just do whatever you can to help in any way you can. I want to challenge each of you to make a commitment to help one person, one organization, one situation that touches your heart."
These words were inspiring, and they also reminded us that Rihanna has a history of saying exactly what we needed to hear and slaying in the process.
“The minute you learn to love yourself, you would not want to be anybody else,” she said back in 2016 during the Black Girls Rock! ceremony. “Role model is not the title they like to give me, but that’s why tonight is so important to me, because I think I can inspire a lot of young women to be themselves. And that is half the battle. That’s the easiest thing to be. All girls rock. Black girls… we just on another level.”
She also shares the love, once dedicating a whole Instagram post to Naomi Campbell, who modeled the singer's designs in Vogue Italia.
"From the very first moment in your career, you've touched and inspired so many young girls all over the world!" she wrote. "I was one of them, and to see this come full circle is a trip to say the least!"
And who can forget the more lighthearted moments, like that time she posted a very specific request for her concert go-ers and said everything we were thinking?
"I don't want to see you texting your boyfriends or your girlfriends," she told them. "I don't want to see you catching Pokémons up in this bitch."
Then, there are the smaller instances we love, like the time she congratulated Beyoncé on her pregnancy or the face she made during 21 Pilots' Grammy acceptance speech.
It seems like there's not a single person who isn't touched by her general awesomeness — Lena Dunham even got a tattoo inspired by the singer. But for more examples of how this queen totally owns her throne, watch the video below!

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