It Looks Like Sean Spicer Is Auditioning For House Of Cards

Photo: David Giesbrecht/Netflix.
Sean Spicer is really confusing the internet over his recent appearance during a press conference on March 10. The White House press secretary showed up wearing a suit, a tie, and an upside-down American flag pinned to his lapel. Yes — you read that correctly: an upside-down American flag pin.
While it could have been a genuine mistake or coincidence, the internet isn't taking that for an answer. And neither is House of Cards. The Netflix series has previously played into the widespread disapproval of the current administration during Donald Trump's inauguration, so maybe they convinced Spicer to go play along. Not likely, but it is a little weird that the pin is eerily similar to the show's logo.
Just for fun, let's compare.
Here's Spicer.
Here's the logo.
Oh, sorry wait that is actually Melissa McCarthy on SNL as Spicer, my bad.
But you get the picture — the moment has the internet in an uproar, not only because it's funny, but also because of the alarming meaning an upside-down American flag symbolizes:
In a video from the press room, Fox News's John Roberts points out Spicer's pin is upside down ("Your pin's upside-down") to which Spicer saucily retorts "John Roberts, always helping with the fashion tips." But still, the pin remains upside-down. So, another reporter yells that it's "still upside-down!" He finally fixes it, laughing, as one more persons asks "House of Cards?" to which he promises, "There's no promo."
Well, the show thinks otherwise.
I hope the rest of his audition goes well.

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