Why Amy Duggar King May Leave Her Husband

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The Duggar family continues to make headlines for their problematic relationships.
Amy Duggar, niece of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, is on the latest season of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, where she and her husband of less than two years, Dillon King, underwent intense therapy to mend their fraying marriage. Over the course of 10 days, the couple was put in intensive counseling and open up to each other about the underlying issues in their relationship.
In an exclusive clip on PEOPLE, Amy confronts her husband in front of their marriage coaches about his "tone" and whether or not he is committed to their relationship. The purpose of their conversation is to decide whether or not to exchange rings again and give their marriage another chance, but the conversation immediately turns rocky. "Is this a marriage where I want to stay in, or do I need to start thinking of an escape plan?" Dillon asks the camera. Moments later Amy poses her own what-if, admitting: "I’ve got questions in my head like, Will Dillon really be the man that I need him to be? Is he going to elevate me the rest of my life?" She adds: "These 10 days have taught me so much, about me as an individual and you as my husband. But, the lack of empathy, your tone and the lie detector test really threw me for a loop." At the climax of the scene, Dillon pops open his red box to reveal a diamond ring. Then it's Amy's turn. But this time, it's empty.
From each of their spiels, it sounds like the two have a lot to work on if they do decide to stay together, especially because this isn't the first time at on the show that Amy has mentioned her husband's shocking behavior. In last week's episode, she said that having sex with her husband sometimes feels like "rape." Additionally, in an earlier episode, she implied that he also abused their cat.
We don't know how it all ends, but according to social media, the two look very much together, regardless of the intense on-screen moment.
Check out the clip below.

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