Cole & Dylan Sprouse Are Very Good At Trolling Each Other

Photo: Madison McGaw/BFA/REX/Shutterstock.
Cole and Dylan Sprouse have a knack for trolling — especially when their target is each other.
As Teen Vogue pointed out, the twin brothers, who the world know as Zack and Cody, are in a Twitter feud that has them going back and forth about their Disney past.
"Were you Zack or Cody?" Cole asked his brother, only to have Dylan bring out the big guns. "I don't remember actually," he wrote. "I was too busy carrying the show on my back."
Shots fired, indeed.
Of course, these tweets are all in good fun and becoming par for course for these brothers. Often, they like to feud over who's the cooler twin and pick on their pre-pubescent style choices with hilarious throwback photos. Just one of the reasons why you should never publicly feud with a sibling who has access to embarrassing photos.
Back in June, Cole posted a promo photo of their Suite Life days with an interesting take on Dylan's tropical look. "bro you look like a drunk older man on vacation trying to pick up young chicks at the bar," Cole wrote.
Dylan was quick to respond with the perfect comeback: "you look like the young chick at the bar."
Last year, the Sprouses went to battle over whether or not Cole was a "parasitic twin," a undeveloped piece of tissue that attaches to the larger twin.
Don't worry, Cole has jokes, too. He tweeted back at his brother a search for "vanishing twin syndrome," letting him know, "you keep talkin and I'll introduce you to some."
You know what they say, the family that trolls together, stays together.

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