No, Amal Clooney's "Baby Bump" Didn't Go To The U.N.

Amal Clooney went to the United Nations on International Women's Day to encourage the international organization to investigate allegations of genocide against ISIS but it seems that a few people only saw her as a pregnant woman.
One publication went so far as to tweet that Clooney was there "showing off her baby bump." No surprise, this made the internet pretty angry, since the prominent human rights lawyer who happens to be married to George Clooney gave a powerful plea that seemed to take second billing to her unborn twins.
"Odd way of spelling 'human rights lawyer encourages the UN to investigate allegations of genocide against ISIS,'" one person tweeted in response to the baby-centric tweet.
"She was also fighting for her client, ISIS survivor & Nobel Peace Prize nominee Nadia Murad to urge the UN to take action," another person wrote, "but sure BABY BUMP."
Others pointed out how the press botched this story by burying the lead in a puff-piece headline instead of focusing on the seriousness of what Clooney is trying to do. Clooney told BBC News that the interviews she's done with young girls and past soldiers "who were raped and enslaved by ISIS" have been the "most harrowing testimony I’ve ever heard."
Instead of reporting that, they focused on what she was wearing, something that wasn't lost on Twitter.
"Amal Clooney gives UN speech about genocide and press obsesses idiotically about her husband and baby bump," one person wrote.
Another noted, "And right next to the baby bump, you'll see the ISIS survivor whom Ms. Clooney is representing."
It's something that's all too common for women in the public eye who are celebrated for their beauty instead of their brains. Clooney gave a passionate speech at the U.N. that asked the world not to turn a blind eye to these people who are suffering.
"Don't let this be another Rwanda where you regret doing too little too late," Clooney said. "Don't let ISIS get away with genocide."
Unfortunately, multiple press outlets did turn a blind eye to the problem by focusing on her pregnancy instead of the crisis she's trying to stop.

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