This Fragrance Smells Exactly Like Rosé In The Hamptons

It's hard to come up with a Bravo show I don't love. (I guess, maybe, gun to my head...Million Dollar Listing?) Every single Real Housewives franchise is flawless, the scripted series are seriously underrated, and I like to do my makeup on Saturday night with the gossipy Watch What Happens Live playing in the background. But what really gets me going are the reality shows about entitled twenty-somethings who booze too hard. Which brings me to Summer House.
The premise is this: A group of the whitest, blondest, most grating people to ever exist rent an exorbitantly-priced house in Montauk for the summer season and drink a shit ton of Whispering Angel rosé. And that's it — that's the show! I live for it.
Now, I'm not saying I want to smell like the cast. What I want to smell like is that lifestyle. Money (old, preferably). Pink wine. Bronzing oil. Ocean spray. The 5 pm hour. And all of that is exactly what this new fragrance smells like. The name — Linen Rose — is a bit deceiving, though; it leads you to expect the nice-but-bland combo of fresh laundry and flowers. What you get is something much sexier: a whole lot of rose accords, lemons and oranges, warm amber and vanilla, tropical coconut water and ylang ylang.
Basically, it just smells like drinking on the beach at a table decorated with jars of blush roses — without a care in the world other than which friend will call the cab to Surf Lodge later in the night. It's the Hamptons summer experience, with the drama extracted, bottled and aged to perfection. And it has the price tag to match.
Aerin Linen Rose Cologne, $165, available at Aerin.

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