Riverdale's Val Makes Sweet Music In Real Life, Too

Photo: Courtesy of the CW
I know that we're really supposed to care about Archie's (K.J. Apa) blossoming music career, but while I'm all about this redhead following in Ed Sheeran's footsteps, it's Valerie (Hayley Law) who's already a low-key rockstar. The underappreciated member of Josie and the Pussycats (well, okay, compared to Josie... I'm pretty sure poor Melanie hasn't actually spoken yet) knows how to write a fantastic track, even if Josie (Ashleigh Murray) refuses to let her actually sing lead on her own songs. While Val certainly deserves her own time in the sun, the actress who plays her is already making amazing music.
Val is hands-down one of my favorite characters on Riverdale — she's cool, confident, and for sure the most "together" of the entire gang — so naturally I had to semi-stalk the woman who portrays her. My ears are very happy I did. Hayley Law has a SoundCloud page and it's the perfect bonus for fans who couldn't get enough of her too-short duet with Archie. So far the actress — who performs under the name Hayleau — has six tracks available for listening, and they're wildly different from the songs that her character performs on Riverdale. Law's songs are synthy, danceable tracks — no acoustic guitars or earnest John Mayer lyrics here. Law's music is as cool and original as the actress is — and, according to her Twitter, more is coming.
Law also shared a sneak peek at her new song and video "AfroDITE" on her official website. The '70s vibes are strong:
Now that we know Law can seriously sing, I'm itching to see an episode of Riverdale in which Josie finally lets Law take the lead. (And none of this "co-lead" bullshit. Come on now, Josie.) If Josie won't budge, I'll settle for one of Hayleau's songs playing in the background of a Bughead sleuthing mission.

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