Got Great Vision? Katy Perry Is Looking For You

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Do you have 20/20 vision? Are you into Hello Kitty? Did you vote for Hillary Clinton? If you said yes to those questions, you may want to polish up your résumé — and maybe spritz it with some Purr by Katy Perry. Why? Us Weekly reports that Katy Perry is looking for a friend who can be honest with her and spot stray food particles in her million-dollar smile.
Last night, Perry walked the red carpet at the iHeartRadio Awards in L.A. By now, she's a step-and-repeat veteran, so it's no surprise that she looked amazing — new short 'do and all. Her gold dress looked great, her makeup was on point, and her August Getty Atelier jumpsuit set her apart from the dresses that everyone else was wearing. What does she need an eagle-eyed friend for? Well, even though everything was just about perfect, she stepped out in front of the flashbulbs with quinoa in her teeth. Perry, being the honest and candid person she is, posted a photo of her teeth to prove it — and it's way zoomed in. You won't need your glasses for this one.

Currently taking applications for real friends who aren't afraid to tell me there's quinoa in my teeth ?

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"Currently taking applications for real friends who aren't afraid to tell me there's quinoa in my teeth," Perry captioned the snapshot.
Yep. You can clearly see bits of quinoa nestled between Perry's teeth. If you're wondering what those little curlicue tails on quinoa actually are, they're the endosperm, a.k.a. bran or germ, since all grains have them. Now you can add, "knowledge of endosperm" to the special skills part of your résumé.
We're sure Perry has a bevy of pals who will tell her if she has food in her teeth, but maybe they were all busy this weekend? Maybe she was chomping down on her quinoa in the limo on the way to the show? Maybe everyone was too focused on finding the perfect filter to focus on food at all. Whatever the case, Perry wants you. Hey, the job probably comes with plenty of perks.

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