Noah Cyrus Proves Her Big Sister's Not The Only One With Pipes

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Noah Cyrus had to fight through some tears when she performed "Make Me (Cry)" at the iHeartRadio Music Awards. Thankfully, they were tears of joy, as she was reacting to her sister Miley's stirring introduction. Miley came out as a complete Noah stan — T-shirt, sign, and all, using her own star power to elevate her sister's.
Miley didn't stop there; she used her sign throughout her sister's performance.
We loved this moment, but we loved Noah's performance a whole lot more.
Noah showed serious promise that she might one day reach Miley's heights as a singer, but she was considerably more restrained than her sis. Although Miley has avoided any substantial controversy, her wild-child persona has sometimes preceded her performance. Noah, by contrast, seemed totally chill during her time onstage. (Look, if she can avoid twerking on Robin Thicke while she's at it, she'll be golden. Not that there's anything wrong with twerking. It's a great dance for everyone to enjoy.) Anyway, Noah clearly showed that she has the pipes for stardom — now, all we have to do is wait.
If anything, the song seems like it would be better in the studio. Noah's voice hasn't quite hit the depth and maturity it likely will, and that slows down the song a little bit. But make no mistake: This is a blockbuster performance, especially for someone who can't even vote yet. So we love this song, and we love Noah's restrained persona. Naturally, she'll grow into her art, as did her sister. But this is an incredible start.
Watch her performance below.
Twitter agreed — check out all the love.
We'll just be over here waiting for her album. We're guessing we won't have to wait long. Did a second major star just burn itself into existence in the Cyrus galaxy? Yes. Yes, we think it did.

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