Trump Advisor Roger Stone Can't Stop Insulting Women On Twitter

Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images.
We can't help but wonder if Roger Stone has read the Harry Potter, after seeing his back and forth with J.K Rowling this weekend, because he sounds like a villain straight out of the Potterverse.
We have no doubts that Rowling, the British author of the series, is not going to spend any time watching "Get Me Roger Stone," a forthcoming Netflix documentary about the Donald Trump ally and political consultant.
On Sunday, Rowling blasted out a now deleted tweet from Stone that raised our eyebrows.
Rowling was alarmed to Stone's "insane Twitter freakout," as Mediaite called it.
That freakout also just happened to be insanely misogynistic.
Stone started by jumping on the wiretapping bandwagon against former President Barack Obama. He then attacked one woman in particular. Caroline O., who describes herself as a feminist-scientist, asked him on Twitter: "Do you know what libel is, Mr. Stone?"
That is the caliber of man our president has advising him.
Though Stone did take down the tweet in which he profanely responded to her, he certainly hasn't backtracked off his negative tirade against women. Late Saturday night, he attacked Ana Navarro, a Nicaraguan-born CNN, ABC, and Telemundo contributor, on Twitter for her weight and her sex life.
Navarro had called Trump "President Loco" on Saturday.
Stone doesn't hate all women, just the ones who disagree with him. He apparently likes Elizabeth Imus of California, who describes herself as a "Christian American standing up for truth, freedom, equality" and a big Trump supporter. On Sunday morning, Stone tweeted an arm-and-arm photo with her showing his feed "what a real lady looks like." They were at a Palm Springs rally for Trump.
Making sure not to leave any tweet hanging, Stone circled back with Rowling, who has taken a keen interest in American politics and who has a deep disdain for the Trump administration. Changing the nature of the conversation from Russia and wiretapping, Stone replied to her attack on him by questioning if she was housing any refugees and calling her a hypocrite.
Then he wrote off all liberals and declared himself the winner of only he knows what. He sounds like a real life Quirinus Quirrell to us. Women, what do you say?

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