Taylor Swift Has Been Leaving Clues On Her Instagram Posts For Years

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If you've paid any attention to Taylor Swift in the past few years, you know she was born in 1989 — it was the title of her fifth album. Specifically, Swift was born on December 13, 1989.
We always knew Swift loved the number 13. It's in her Twitter handle, for Pete's sake. But we had no idea just how far she'd go to promote the digits.
BuzzFeed has uncovered that Swift's been alluding to the number on Instagram for years, and no one even noticed.
Swift has used her platform to promote other artists' work, especially her friends' new songs. She often posts screenshots that show she's listening to the tracks.
But what we didn't realize is that all of the songs are paused at the same time.

g2g brb just gonna make up an interpretive dance to this magnificent bop for the ages ELLA I LOVE YOU

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That's right. Swift has been stopping each song at the 13-second mark. Sneaky!


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BuzzFeed also points out that Swift's Fearless and 1989 albums each have 13 tracks, which definitely isn't a coincidence. She even writes the number on makeshift bandages.

Band aids don't fix kitchen knife-related injuries.?

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This isn't the first time the internet has gone wild looking for secret clues from Swift. The singer reportedly hides hidden clues in the lyrics of her songs, which can be determined by looking at certain letters from the album booklet. (Personally, I've stared at this for a long time and truly don't know how people figure out any of these phrases .) So, comparatively, the "13" Easter egg is actually pretty straightforward. Still, Swifties are a dedicated bunch — we're surprised this observation didn't go viral before now.
One BuzzFeed commenter pointed out, though, that there was one instance when Swift didn't pause at 13 seconds for her Instagram screenshot. And nothing the pop singer does is without purpose, which means our next mission is to figure out what the hidden message here means.

Vibes. Mood. Feelings.

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What's the significance behind "51" in this post? We may never know.

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