This Woman's Peel-Off Mask Experience Is Equal Parts Hilarious & Horrifying

Peel-off face masks are the beauty product of choice for skin-care enthusiasts who, at some point during their childhoods, spent half the class applying Elmer’s glue to their hands only to rip it off. So if you have a low tolerance for pain — or just don’t like the distinct sensation of dead skin being yanked away from your face — then you’re probably better off with something a little less… violent.
This 15-minute study in pain and suffering, from YouTuber Tiff of Tee Cee Videos, is a cautionary tale of why it’s best to avoid peel-off face masks unless you have a good idea of what you’re getting yourself into. Intrigued by a product she saw advertised on Facebook, Tiff ordered a black charcoal mask online. After receiving it, she knew right away that something was a little off. “It did come in a pretty shady box,” she said. “It didn’t look like they put a lot of money into the production of the box, and the tag on the back is, like, crooked, so this is either a good thing or a bad thing. Either they were selling so many they couldn’t get them on in time or it’s just a really shitty company.”
The video begins with Tiff hesitating to remove the now-dry mask. “I’m actually quite afraid to pull this off, and I’m trying to stall as long as I can because it really hurts. I honestly really don’t want to,” she said. From there, the scene quickly devolves into total chaos. What starts out as an oh shit turns into a screaming, crying spectacle, complete with relationship drama as Tiff’s wife rips the mask from her face unannounced. “Man, this is stupid,” Tiff exclaimed at one point, with tears in her eyes.
You can practically feel her struggle through the computer screen, but it’s a total case of schadenfreude. It’s just really, really fucking funny — and on the bright side, Tiff’s brief traumatic experience has made her a viral sensation. And if you dare to try the treatment for yourself, then you’re in luck: Tiff has some left over.

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