Adele Impersonator Out-Adeles Adele At Adele Show

If you're Adele, you're probably not thinking that you're in danger of getting upstaged at your own show. It's not like you're some crazy dancer, and there might theoretically be an impersonator who can dance as well as you who randomly comes onstage and kills it.
She's a singer, and such a powerful one that Adele has entered the realm of artists whose songs you just don't cover because you'll never do it as well as they did. (For the record, that list is Beyoncé, The Beatles, and Queen.) So you'd think that she would be safe from a drag impersonator coming on and stealing the show.
You would be wrong in that assumption.
Adele brought drag impersonator Feminem onto the stage during her Perth concert and promptly found herself upstaged. Check out the video.
And from another angle.
The cult of celebrity impersonators is nothing new, but the practice of inviting them onstage kind of is. It's not like Elvis was trawling the Strip for people who could convincingly play him. Though in his later days, he might have preferred that to actually performing. (Cue a million Elvis stans getting in the comments. We get it, you love the King. Get over it.)
Feminem took to Instagram to provide photo documentation of the moment. And it looked pretty amazing. Taylor Swift invites her squad onstage, which is nice, but Adele literally brings out herself. That's a power move.

Can you tell I'm happy? @adele you were everything! #adele #adeleperth #feminem

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Selfie with @adele #adele #adeleperth #feminem

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If you don't believe Adele was blown away, clock the look of shock on her face while Feminem belts it.

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