This Coffee-Inspired Lipstick Is Just The Thing For The Caffeine Lover In You

Coffee is a beverage, a brewed drink prepared from the roasted seeds of berries from the coffea plant. That is an important clarification to make. Why? Say you’re an extra terrestrial who's been sent over from one of the seven newly discovered planets, just to scope out the scene on Earth, that big, round earth you’ve heard so much about.
Out of context, with no point of reference from which to draw, you might think that “coffee” was some sort of cult — a dangerous one that draws you right in, with serious repercussions should you dare to remove yourself from its folds. Fatigue. Restlessness. Exhaustion. Lying awake at night, wondering where things went wrong. And perhaps the most concerning withdrawal symptom of all: buying a T-shirt or mug or even so much as posting an Instagram that says, “But first, coffee.”
But, again: Coffee is just a beverage. Drink it hot, drink it iced, swirled with milk and sugar or straight up, black. You’ll love it — most people do. Which is why Coloured Raine’s idea to create a collection of nude liquid lipsticks and call it “The Coffee Shop” is so ingenious. Coffee lovers just can’t resist anything that acknowledges that they’re coffee lovers, and this new launch is one way to wear your love of coffee on your sleeve without actually getting any on your sleeve, which happens all the time here on Earth.
The $75 price tag goes down a little easier when you consider what you get, which is five brand-new shades — Cappuccino, Pink Café, Latte, Frappe, and Mocha — in a very matte, very long-lasting formula that’ll stay exactly where it’s supposed to, even after you sip from cup after cup. You can pick ‘em up starting this Friday, March 3, at noon EST, only on the Coloured Raine website. And whatever you do, don’t forget to take a few extra napkins. You’re going to need them.

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