This App Promises To Help You Get Over Your Breakup In 30 Days

Photographed by Erin Yamagata.
Let's face it — breakups suck, and going through heartbreak often feels impossible. Though most of us are probably lucky enough to be able to lean on our friends for support, there will inevitably come a time when, well, even your closest pal can get sick of going over every detail of your relationship with you.
Enter: Rx Breakup, an app specifically designed to help you get over your ex — or even just your lingering infatuation with someone.
Created by relationship therapist Jane Reardon and Stila creator Jeanine Lobell, the app provides a 30-day, 3-step guide to moving on from a breakup. It works by anticipating post-breakup anxieties you might have, helps identify the red flags in your relationship, and perhaps most important of all, eases the desire to call or text an ex. From day one to day 30, RxBreakup lays out detailed guides for you to pour your emotions into, asking you to write down what you're feeling, and helping you find out what went wrong in your relationship.
Each of the 30 days has 4 parts: "What’s Happening" takes on a new topic every day, "What To Write" and "What To Do," give specific direction for writing and activities that relate to the topic of the day. Then at 5 p.m., a “What Else” pops up as a little reminder of the work they’re doing, to stay on track.
However, a potential caveat is that the app doesn't necessarily take into account that a lot of us can relapse when we're working through a breakup. While you can go back to day 1 and start over all over again or see days you've already finished, you can't really go back to, say, day 5 and go from there.
Still, the daily write-ups are may prove useful in helping you process your heartache with no judgment. Of course, if you're not the type to dwell on emotions, this may not be the app for you. But for those of us who like to parse through exactly what happened and where things took a turn in a relationship, this is a great space to do so.

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