A Grown Man Sent Racist Texts To A 12-Year-Old Girl & She Clapped Back Hard

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When a grown man sent racist and threatening texts to a 12-year-old girl he learned a lesson — we hope. But even if the message didn't sink in, Millie-Grace Turner defended herself hard and that's amazing all on its own.
Her mother, Gill Turner, realized that an adult, the father of one of her daughter's classmates, was texting her after Millie-Grace asked what a "n***er" was. That clearly alarmed the mom, who asked to see her daughter's phone. She then posted a screenshot of the text to Facebook, after she called the police.
"So the father of my daughters class mate has texted this to my 12 year old!!!!
If you know him from the number please judge him accordingly. The police have been informed," she wrote in the post.
Although Millie-Grace hit him back with some truly inspired comments, like "Sir, I think it's time you paid for some English lessons" and calling him out for his racist comments, the man just wouldn't quit.
He sent 16 texts total, Turner wrote on a comment to her post.
And in case you think this is all a big joke (because, really, who would do something like this?!), the dad actually admitted to the texts, the Daily Mail reports. He claims that his daughter had been harassed by peers at her school, Millie-Grace included, and he was just standing up for her.
Even if that is true, he should have left punishment up to the school or reached out to Millie-Grace's mom for a rational talk with the girls. His immature response just made everything worse.

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