Relive Your Youth With These Movies Based On YA Books

Photo: Moviestore/REX/Shutterstock
In honor of today's release of Before I Fall, a dark drama based off the Lauren Oliver novel of the same name, we're celebrating some of the most iconic teen movies to come from YA books.
Let’s be honest: Life will never be as dramatic it was in high school, when day-to-day routine is governed more by emotions than by responsibility. It also will probably never be as tumultuous or as awful or as exciting. It’s no surprise, then, that YA books are so fun to read. These novels capture the sound and the fury of high school hallways with real, relatable, and compelling stories.
Great movie adaptations have to work with great source material. So, some of the most stirring movies about adolescence — movies that explore more than just wild parties, say — are based off of YA novels.

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