This Is The Final Matt Damon Joke That Got Cut At The End Of The Oscars

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The flub at the end of Sunday's Academy Awards telecast was not only cruel to La La Land's cast and crew, but also to those of us expecting an additional segment that would continue the ongoing Matt Damon-Jimmy Kimmel fake feud. Of course, things were kind to Moonlight, which deserves all of its plaudits.
For those who don't know: Damon and Kimmel have had a fake feud since Kimmel ended a bad episode of his then-fledgling talk show with a dig at the actor. Damon explained the joke to Parade:
"And he was like, 'You want to know what happened? I was doing a particularly lame show; I think my guests were a ventriloquist and a guy in a monkey suit. We were wrapping it up, and there was a smattering of applause in the audience. I was having kind of a low moment, and I just said, ‘My apologies to Matt Damon; we ran out of time.’ My producer was right off camera and he doubled over laughing. It was just gallows humor. Nobody else got the joke. But it made us laugh, so we started doing it every night. I have no idea why I said you; it could have been anybody.”
So after a series of escalating pranks, including Damon claiming paternity of Kimmel's child, the Oscars were supposed to end on a topper.
"If you look at the picture where everybody saw the wrong tape, you’ll see Jimmy Kimmel next to Matt Damon," an insider tells Us Weekly. "Jimmy had a whole bit that got nixed obviously because of the Best Picture mix-up — he was going to do a whole thing with Matt Damon asking him what it’s like to be a loser. It was the perfect end to the night, but then obviously once the whole envelope thing happened, it got scrapped."
Well that's a real gap in comedy history. On the bright side, we got to experience all these insanely good election jokes.

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