This Is What Started The Matt Damon Jimmy Kimmell Feud

Photo: Ian West/PA Images/Getty Images.
If you watched the Oscars, then you know that approximately one-half of the show was dedicated to a fictional (but maybe deeply-rooted and real) feud between the host of the evening, Jimmy Kimmel, and presenter Matt Damon. The two bro-iest celebrities have made headlines for years about their petty and weird public interactions which usually consist of Damon trying to sneak onto Kimmel’s show, or Damon talking shit about Kimmel. If you're wondering why we should care about these two men and their intense rivalry, the answer is no you do not need to care at all.
But if you do, then allow me to reveal to you the core incident that sparked this entire chain of events, and managed to make it way to the 89th Academy Awards. It’s a fascinating story that involves a comedian, an actor, a television show host, a whole lot of cursing, and some other goofy shit.
So, there are two main components to the inside joke heard round the world. First, according to my trusted friends on the Internet, in 2003 Kimmel was a new late night host and wanted a creative sign off phrase. One night he, off the top of his head, said "I want to apologize to Matt Damon. We ran out of time," even though Damon was not slated to be on the show. It made the guests laugh, gave him some street cred by mentioning an A-list actor, and became a unique shtick on his show.
From there, Damon joined in on the fun by joining Kimmel's then-girlfriend, comedian Sarah Silverman, in a video that went viral. In the video, Silverman tells Kimmel that they should break up because she "fucked Matt Damon."
Feud season 2, anyone?

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