This Mom's Crop Top Selfie Makes An Amazing Point About Body Image

Photographed by Christene Hahn.
We're way too harsh on women's bodies — that's not exactly a revolutionary idea. We know that women face more scrutiny about their bodies than men. But knowing that doesn't mean it doesn't still happen. Not even women who've had children — who's bodies are supposed to change dramatically — are off the hook. In fact, they're arguably judged even more.
That's why Amelia Olson-Hendrickson, on Instagram as @talltumbleweedvintage, posted a photo of herself wearing a crop top.
"After having birdie I didn't recognize myself. I didn't recognize my body or my identity or my arms or my brain or my words," she wrote in the post. "15 months later, I feel like myself. Just here. Right now. 184 IBS and still trying to find ways to honor my body and heart. And when your pal @choloclown gives you an amazing, super thin vintage Las Vegas showgirls crop top you wear tf out of it even if it's scary and you worry it doesn't look good on your mom bod."
It looks amazing on her mom bod, btw. And she's well aware of that fact.
"So, today, I feel thankful. For my body, my cellulite, my scars, my stretch marks my periodic adult acne. All of it," she wrote.
Yet, some people criticized her post because her body isn’t “out of the norm enough to deserve bravery points,” she told The Huffington Post.
“The point of the post was to proudly boast about how I am feeling about my body and share the struggles I’ve encountered in trying to get to a genuine place of admiration and respect for all the things my body has and continues to allow me to do,” she told The Huffington Post.
“Some days, I want to hide in a Target dressing room and cry and only wear sweatshirts for the rest of my life,” she added. “Other days, like the day I posted the selfie, I feel like a queen who can wear cute clothes and feel good about myself.”
She is most definitely a queen, and a body image hero in our opinion, for telling other moms that they can wear whatever the hell they want and feel good about it.

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