This Adorable 6-Year-Old Girl Has "Too Much Hair" For A Tutorial

If you're anything like me, you've tried your hand at dozens of YouTube hair and makeup tutorials over the last...oh, I don't know, 10 years or so. Even as early as yesterday, I struggled to perfect my box braid halo crown, only to later throw it up into a messy bun out of impatience.
Thankfully, I'm not alone in this. In fact, the struggle trickles down all the way to the kindergarten crew. Ryleigh, an adorable 6-year-old, demonstrated the not-so-perfect reality of vloggers worldwide in a video shared by her mom, Tara Watkins. "Hair tutorial gone WRONG!!!" she titled the post last month. And that's just putting it lightly.
In the beginning, Ryleigh had the right idea. She gave a rundown of the tools in her arsenal: cocunut oil mixed with water, a teasing brush, a rattail comb, clips, elastic bands, and a pink bow. The young beauty guru-in-the-making began by smoothing her hairline with edge control...but then dropped her brush with a clatter. Sadly, her attempt to create a ponytail didn't fare any better, either. "I got way too much hair!" she complained. Eventually, she settled to wear her enviable head of hair loose, with an of-the-moment side part.
"I've always been hesitant about letting her do the hair tutorial — either because I'm fearful of her not being gentle and careful with her hair, or because it's usually braided up," Watkins told the Daily Mail. "So that day, I had shampooed and conditioned it earlier. I was preparing to braid it up for the week and decided if I was going to let her do it, that would be the best time."
Watkins' patience — as well as her openness to letting Ryleigh learn how to do her own hair routine — is admirable, too. "She came out so many times that were cut out of the video," she continued. "I don't remember it all but I do recall telling her that last time to try something natural and to the side." Hey, you know what they say about practice...

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