Bella & Gigi Hadid Were Not Prepared For The Tower Of Terror

How do international jet-setting models take a break between Fashion Weeks? They head to Disneyland Paris, of course. At least that's what the Hadid sisters did. After walking in runways Milan, the pair headed to Paris for some fun at the most magical place on Earth.
In a snapshot posted to Instagram today, Bella Hadid shared a photo taken on the Hollywood Tower of Terror. While the camera would capture the rest of us mid-scream with mouths agape, hair flying all over the place, and expressions of complete and utter fear, these seasoned models look pretty damn good. Gigi is wearing Mickey Mouse gloves and oversized red sunglasses, both staples for visitors to any Disney park. Bella's hair is defying gravity, and she is yelling her face off, but being scared is half the fun.
"Nobody told me what happens on this ride," she captioned the shot.
For anyone wondering what happens on The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney's theme parks, here's the rundown. Models and regular park visitors alike go through a narrative pulled from the Twilight Zone involving a storm, mysterious ghosts, and more. After waiting in the spooky line, guests check into the fictional Hotel Hightower, a decrepit Art Deco masterpiece that's seen better days. For some reason, the guest elevator isn't working, so you're herded into the freight elevator, instead. That's when things get scary.
Riders ascend 13 stories and plummet to their doom — only at Disney parks, "doom" is a stomach-turning series of rises and falls. Plus, you can buy a commemorative photo on your safe return to Earth, so it's all worth it, even for people who get photographed on the daily.
It looks like Bella and Gigi had a great time, even if they weren't expecting the hotel to get struck by lightning and having the elevator malfunction. With Paris Fashion Week starting, it's good to see the Hadids taking some time for themselves before hitting the catwalks all over again.

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