Demi Lovato Says She's 1% African

Photo: Jesse Grant/Getty Images.
Demi Lovato took a little test. It was an easy one — all she had to do was swab her cheek to get some DNA. That test gave her an estimate of her ethnicity, based on what her DNA said.
Lovato was excited to share the results on Twitter because they were not exactly what she expected. She found she was mostly of Spanish heritage, with some Native American, Scandinavian (which she found so surprising that she put it in all caps), Irish, British, and African.
That last bit made it's own tweet and got some....reactions.
In her own words, Lovato tweeted:
Twitter had some thoughts to share with Lovato about her African heritage. It was a mixed bag, with some educational thoughts heading her way, some eyerolls, and some love.
And someone pulled out that Mean Girls joke.
Lovato saw it happening, probably because her tweet ended up trending, and rolled right back at 'em.
She also issued an apology to one follower, who made his account private.

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