Starbucks Frappuccino Bath Bombs Exist, Because Of Course They Do

Starbucks beverages: edible (and delicious). Bath bombs: decidedly not. But aside from differing answers to the question of “can I eat it?”, your favorite Frappuccino and the not-so-essential bathing essential have plenty of other things in common. They’re both sweet and frothy, they’re both Instagram bait, and they’re both calling cards of the proud basic bitch. So ask yourself: Is it really surprising that some trend-conscious Etsy genius has found a way to combine the two, to potentially Internet-breaking result?
Surprising? No. But the Shea Shea La Bomb Frappuccino Bath Bombs, complete with (unlicensed usage of) the coffee chain’s signature green siren, sure are cute — and impressively realistic, to boot. They’re reminiscent of both their whipped cream-topped namesake and an unrelated cupcake, which makes the fact that you can’t eat them that much more disorienting. That caramel drizzle looks almost too good. The downside of the Frappuccino Bath Bombs being so damn desirable is that they’re currently sold out — and worse still, Shea Shea La Bomb has yet to confirm a revival. We know; the whole thing is a disaster. But there’s no shortage of saccharine bath treats in the company’s current inventory, so you have full license to console yourself with one of its many other offerings. Perhaps we can interest you in a soap drizzle donut?
Or some peach bellini bubble truffles?
Or a bath bomb ice cream cone with bubble bath topping and rainbow sprinkles?
Or all of the above. Whichever you choose, we can’t guarantee it’ll fill the Frappuccino Bath Bomb-shaped hole in your heart — but it’ll definitely help hold you over until you can get your hands on the real thing. Until that day comes, enjoy the rest of the candy-shaped treats. But please, don't eat them.

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